Benefits of the PalletRotator

Turned within 5 seconds
Safe and sturdy in use
Up to 2000 kilo load capacity
Safety certificate available
Low maintenance
Do goods arrive at your facility daily, but are on the wrong or damaged pallets? Do your employees spend a lot of time stacking pallets? Then De Vreugd's PalletRotator offers the solution in your logistics process! Within 5 seconds, the pallet is rotated to any desired position and changing pallets is easy! An original Dutch product designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Curious about the possibilities? Request a quote now!
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PalletRotator with cage

Fast pallet exchange

With our PalletRotator, changing pallets has become child's play. With one push, you rotate a pallet to the desired position in just five seconds. You can then remove the old pallet and replace it with a new one that meets your quality standards. Think of hygienic plastic pallets used in the food industry or special pallets for your internal distribution system. It's no problem for the PalletRotator!

The PalletRotator is fully equipped with a robust fence, sturdy back wall and reliable blocking system. This guarantees optimum safety for your employees in the warehouse. Our PalletRotator performs perfectly at temperatures down to -25°C. Ideal for your coldstore needs.

Pallet tilting in 5 seconds

Curious about how our pallet tilter works? Watch this video and then immediately request a no-obligation quote.

Customized Pallet Rotator!

Our Pallet Rotator is available in two variants, the PalletRotator 1200 and the PalletRotator 2000. Both two powerful machines that fit any warehouse or warehouse. Is the weight of your pallets less than 1200 pounds? Then choose the PalletRotator 1200. Do you regularly have heavier pallets? Then choose the PalletRotator 2000. This has a load capacity of up to 2000 kilos. Below you can see the differences between the two models.
Palletrotator 1200Palletrotator 2000
Net loading capacity1200 kg2000 kg
Suitable up to -25 degreesYesYes
Loading by forkliftYesYes
Safety certificate includedYesYes
Low maintenanceYesYes
With every pallet rotator you are assured of excellent service and support in case of questions. De Vreugd's PalletRotator is low maintenance and has a large clamping range.

Benefits of the PalletRotator

Discover the advantages of our PalletRotator. For fast and safe changing of pallets up to 2,000 kg.

Large clamping range

Wide clamping range of 1500 - 2500 mm and a clamping speed of 200 mm per second.

Quickly turned

With a quick rotation of just 5 seconds, each pallet load is rotated into the desired position in no time.

Safe and sturdy

Supplied with reinforced back wall, blocking system- and solid fencing with concealed controls.

Low maintenance

A chainless transmission and a center of gravity, ensure a low-maintenance machine.

Grade A quality

Built from the best components and composed of high-quality A-grade materials. 100% quality.

Works anytime, anywhere

The PalletRotator works flawlessly in extreme temperatures. Even down to -25°C. Ideal for coldstores.

Satisfied customers

Already dozens of customers are using De Vreugd's PalletRotator.
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